Sunday, March 27, 2011

Phoenix City Employees at Odds with Councilman

Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio drafted bill SB1322 for the state legislators to pass, is that the job of a city councilman? Sal really ticked off the city workers who protested  at a union rally in front of the state Capitol, several hundred union public employees made it clear that they were entitled to their jobs and extensive benefits without having to compete against the private sector.
"Opponents are trying to paint SB1322, the Managed Competition bill, as cities vs. the state. Clearly, as this rally demonstrates, it's unions, with all the benefits to protect, against taxpayers who have to pay for them.
Senate Bill 1322, which passed the House Government Committee and now goes to the house floor, puts in place a model that will attract new jobs to our community. It realizes we live in an international market and that we must do better at competing for those new jobs, which means creating an environment in which residents and businesses can prosper. It mostly realizes that we need to take care of our citizens first. When the focus is on our citizens and protecting their way of life, then you will see good things happen."
 My sources at the city tell me besides the city employees being a little miffed so are a few of his peers who sit on the council with. The councilman think he's not taking care of city business. So far the only ones that don't have an ax to grind with Sal are the taxpayers, who feel like he's watching out for them.