Friday, March 4, 2011

McCain and Lieberman
Lost in another dimension
Dumb and Dumber
"McCain has lost it completely if he believes Zuckerberg (Facebook) had anything to do with the people  protesting  government tyranny in their countries. I'll bet the farm when Zuckerberg started Facebook it wasn't with the intentions of starting revolutions. That's like giving Al Gore credit for the internet. True without the internet people wouldn't be able to communicate as quickly. Let's us not forget the American Revolution was started without any of today's modern communication outlets. It was started because of tyrannical king taxing the people without them having  representation. Hence the Bill of Rights, The Federalist Papers and The Constitution was born. When heads of governments put greed ahead of the interest of the people and steal the wealth of the country sooner or later there will be a revolution. Governments can only push so far until the people take up arms to regain control of their country and lives. Congress and the Executive Branch would be wise to look at revolutions around the world and take heed to the voices of "We the People". BE 
Obama’s two most useful idiots
Proof positive that Republicans who cross the bi-partisan aisle too many times come back as Democrat dupes: Senator John McCain and “Independent” Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman.

In their new found state of `civility’ the senators are flying not Old Glory but are white flagging orchestrated democracy movements in the Middle East.
According to McCain, all praise for the revolution goes to the social network sites and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is “the most popular man in the Middle East”. (FoxNews, March 3, 2011).
Senator John McCain, R-Ariz., praised Facebook, Twitter and other social network sites Thursday, and called Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg the most popular man in the Middle East."This social networking cannot be underestimated in how all of these events, really the driving force in how all of this transformed and took place," he said.
President Barack Obama whose group Organizing America helped hand Egypt over to the Muslim Brotherhood feels the same way about Google, Mr. McCain.
Fresh home from a trip to the middle east, McCain and Lieberman sang the praises of the social networks on recent developments in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain and Libya at the Brookings Institute.