Sunday, March 13, 2011
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Hair on Fire Mondays
March 14, 2011
8 P.M.
Host: Barbara Espinosa: Publisher of American Freedom by Barbara
Co-Host and Tech Support: Charles Long
Guest: Mike Vanderbeogh
Of the Sipsey Street Irregulars about this criminal action by ATF and the Obama Administration. Do you know about the Project Gunrunner? It’s a conspiracy that could bring down the House of Obama.I didn't until my friend The Radio Patriot sent me a message this is your bailiwick you need to have these guys on your show. I scoped out the web site of Sipsey Street Irregulars and we are going to have one of the two (David Codrea who writes for the Examiner couldn’t be with us, he had another commitment ) who broke the story on the Brian Terry killing. A gun used in this operation was involved in a December 2010 incident in which US Border Patrol Brian Terry was killed. According to Mike Vanderbeogh at Sipsey Street Irregulars blog The upper management at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, seemingly with a green light from the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, was allowing thousands of semiautomatic firearms to be purchased from Phoenix-area gun shops by drug cartel criminals who then walked these weapons across the Mexican border.
Mike Vanderboegh
is a long-time Second Amendment activist, writer, amateur historian and archaeologist, Internet journalist and has been described by a Los Angeles Times reporter as the "Gray Eminence of the Constitutional Militia Movement." For over two years his blog, Sipsey Street Irregulars, has covered a number of scandals within the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in the course of which he has developed a number of sources within the agency. After the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, Mr. Vanderboegh used those sources to track down rumors that Terry's death was the result of a semi-automatic rifle that the ATF had allowed to "walk" from an American gun shop, through a straw purchaser, to a bandit gang as part of "Operation Fast and Furious," a small part of what the ATF calls "Project Gunrunner." Mike was the first blogger to break this story on the 28th of December which has now become an international incident. He and fellow gun rights writer and blogger David Codrea were responsible for directing Iowa Senator Charles Grassley to the dissident ATF agents, so that they could get whistle blower protection in a growing scandal that David Codrea has sardonically named, "Project Gunwalker." Codrea and Vanderboegh continue to work with Senators, Congressmen and the press to get to the bottom of the Project Gunwalker scandal, which has already claimed the lives of two American law enforcement agents and countless Mexican citizens. Vanderboegh is 58, married, the father of three and lives in Pinson, Alabama near Birmingham. His first novel, Absolved, will be released later this spring.