Friday, March 4, 2011

A Democrats's View on Obama
A Nation ADrift-Why?
After having some time to experience and/or evaluate his governing of our country for approximately two years, I am now convinced that since taking office this President, his Administration and allies, to include the Democratic controlled Congress and the Courts, with the help of the Main Stream Media, have intensified their ongoing humanism attack on our nation, which I believe is meant to ultimately destroy this country, which includes the systematic erosion of those individual rights outlined in our “Constitution Of The United States Of America” and/or “Bill of Rights”, as evidenced by their deplorable actions.

I also believe that if they are allowed to continue without peaceful restraint their actions will more than likely cause civil unrest and/or an uprising, which may be their ultimate goal because it would allow this President to declare “Marshal Law” as a means of completely doing away with our “Constitutional Rights” and “Bill of Rights” and take over as our country’s life-long dictator.

As an American Citizen I also believe that I have a God given right and/or duty to stand up for and defend those rights given me under our “Constitution” and/or “Bill of Rights” and have chosen to do this under my “Freedom of Speech Rights” by laying out my numerous concerns and posting them on my blog post web site as a means of getting the word out on those issues that I believe will ultimately destroy our country.
Knowledge empowers all of us and I believe that this is the least I can do to hopefully help change our nation’s current destructive course before it is too late because it has become quite obvious to me and others in our country that the Main Stream Media has deliberately and blatantly kept these pertinent issues from the American public as a means of helping this President, his Administration and allies to intensify their stealth push to convert us into a Socialist nation and/or to come under Sharia Law and ultimately a one world government.