Saturday, March 5, 2011

FOREIGN AID FOR OVER 150 Countries.....
Obama's request a $3.8 trillion Foreign Aid budget to
Congress for the fiscal year 2011.
If you often wondered why it is that

Conservatives are called the "right"
and Liberals are called the "left."
By chance I was sent this verse this verse
from the Bible.. " The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left."Ecclesiastes 10:2" (NIV)Thus sayeth the
Lord. Amen

At last the light of truth has been shined on Foreign Aid. Every Congressman that votes for a foreign aid bill inclusive of all countries should be sent packing on a Grayhound bus for his home state with a one way ticket. IF and that's a BIG IF American tax dollars are going to be given as foreign aid willy nilly around the world, let's change the procedure and do One Bill, One Country and not allow any amendments to be attached that pertains to another issue. Implement some policies i.e. accountability as to how the aid is spent and set up an accountability office in that country to disburse the funds. Insuring the aid is used for the purpose it was intended and doesn't end up in a Swiss bank account for the President, Prime Minister or whatever their title is in that country.
Better yet spend the money on American Citizens, instead of shoring up the economy of other countries. BE
Obama Requests $550.4 Million for Palestinian Authority
The foreign aid bill includes much more than U.S. security assistance to Israel. President Obama has requested $550.4 million in aid for the Palestinian Authority. Of that amount, $400.4 million will be used to "strengthen the Palestinian Authority as a credible partner in Middle Eastern peace and continue to respond to humanitarian needs in Gaza," according to the budget description.
This money, the administration said, "will provide significant resources to support the stability of the PA, economic development of the West Bank, and increase the capacity of the PA to meet the needs of its people."
The president's budget request does not specify how much of the $400.4 million will go for traditional project aid and how much will go directly to the PA's treasury.
The remaining $150 million of aid to the PA is slated for security assistance, which the Obama administration said will "support efforts to reform the security sector by training and equipping Palestinian Authority National Security Forces." U.S. Gen. Keith Dayton has overseen this West Bank program since 2005.
Other Arab Countries
Egypt—the second largest recipient of U.S. foreign aid after Israel—will receive $1.55 billion. Jordan will get $661.5 million
In addition, the Obama administration has asked Congress for $109 million to support "Lebanon's democracy by fostering credible, transparent institutions at all levels; strengthening the role of an active civil society; supporting the independence and efficiency of the judicial system; and promoting tolerance and rejecting extremism. Funds will also be used to educate youth, create employment opportunities, and expand access to microfinance." The administration has also requested $100 million in military assistance for the Lebanese Armed Forces.
Other Middle Eastern countries slated to receive some combination of U.S. economic and security assistance include Bahrain ($19.5 million), Morocco ($15 million), Oman ($13 million), Tunisia ($4.9 million) and Yemen ($80 million).
What's Next?
The president's budget request is just the first step of the legislative process. Next, the House and Senate Budget Committees will review the president's proposals and create a budget resolution, which is then voted on in each chamber.
These bills will establish priorities on how much Congress can spend in broad areas such as national defense, international affairs, science, education, transportation and agriculture.