Sunday, March 20, 2011

American Freedom isn't Fox News and I don't have to be fair and balanced, however I do believe it's fair to give the GOP a voice. This was not sent direct to me but was to a Republican that questioned leadership in regard to my post. The letter does bring a lot of questions of ethics to the surface. It's a BS CYA letter with a lot spin and no glitz.# be Posted on:
From: "Lyle Tuttle"

Date: Mar 19, 2011 8:35 PM
Subject: RE: AZGOP hires Democrat Firm for Media Relations
I think this might be interesting reading for everyone: lyle
This was sent by Thayer with Tom's approval to Dan Schultz who had the integrity to ask Thayer for an explanation prior to judging him and the Party GUILTY. Maybe the further info will be helpful.
First of all, thanks for contacting me directly regarding your concerns. I always appreciate it when people with concerns come to me for an explanation instead of taking it out in the rumor mill or publishing half-truths that, whether intentionally or unintentionally, paint a misleading picture. As you already know, not everything published in the media, let alone on blogs, contains all of the information necessary to make a good judgment, so let me fill-in the picture on this issue.
JoyCom is owned by John Kaites, a Repubican, former Republican State Senator, and one of the most respected and successful lobbyists at the State Capitol who is regularly called on by conservative Republican elected officials for insights on issues before the legislature. In addition, John has been in the forefront in providing financial support to our political allies.
Over the last eight years, I came to rely on John for background information on issues coming before the legislature due to one overriding factor - personal and professional integrity. His counsel was always accurate, it was never misleading and he NEVER asked me to compromise my principles in order to support an issue he was representing. I also found him to be unwavering in maintaining confidentiality. Tony is the President, but John is the final decision maker. In my experience nearly every PR firm makes it a matter of policy to include both Republicans and Democrats in their ownership/staffing.
However, while this is the case with JoyCom, I want to make very clear that Tom has contracted to have Thayer Verschoor represent the Party's interests as the Communications Director. By my working through JoyCom, the Party is relieved of the responsibility to pay benefits and taxes that would have been if they had hired me as an employee. This arrangement is already saving more than half of the monthly costs incurred under the previous arrangement. I have the title and I will be doing the work exclusively. I will be able to access the expertise and resources available through JoyCom, but they will only have access to information that would be available to the pubic through other avenues. Let me be clear, I do not, and will not, share Party confidential information with JoyCom staff.
Not to belabor the point, but Thayer Verschoor is the Communications Director for the Party, not JoyCom. It was made very clear by Tom, and agreed to by all parties concerned, that he was hiring my services, and that as a matter of financial and other considerations, the payments for my services would be paid to JoyCom. My goal is to continue my quarter century commitment to the Republican Party to advance the Constitutional, Party Platform conservative values within the Party and throughout the political arena, as well as with the public at large.
As to the website, we could not be in closer agreement regarding the need to make MAJOR upgrades to the site. That will be happening as a matter of the highest priority, while making sure that we make the best decisions as to platform and style. I will definitely be taking into consideration all of the areas you have listed in this endeavor and solicit any other input you may have regarding the site.
I hope this answers your questions in a way to allay your concerns. Thanks for all you do for the Party, but more importantly, for Arizona and America.
I know the majority of the public relation firms that have the experience to set up all of the media info the GOP has hired Joy Communications to do and I had never heard of this firm. My quest began..Who, What and the experience to redo the Arizona GOP communications department.
I beg to differ with the explanation. The letter that was sent out over Tom Morrissey signature says Joy Communications came on board.
A. If Joy Communications was not hired why is Thayer being paid by Joy Communications. My opinion is it is a conflict of interest to be working for the communication company, as an employee who will he answer to? Joy Communications or the GOP?
Owners of Joy Cummunication is: John Kaites [former McCain fundraiser] and Max Fose [former John McCain political aide] Max Fose is the go to guy for politics via the internet.
A. Thayer's response admits Tony Motolo is the President of Joy Communications. From 2006 - 2008 Tony Motola served in various positions for Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon [Democrat] including Senior Assistant to the Mayor and Campaign Director for the Mayor’s Re-Election Campaign.
B. Couldn’t the GOP be accused of circumventing labor laws. See Thayer’s comment in letter to Dan Schultz
C. Why does Tom Morrissey’s letter state Joy Communications “came on Board”
D. Why wasn’t a bid put out to other Communication firms?
1. To hire a company that has only been in business for the short time of 2 years, how much experience does it have?
Kaites represents PMT Ambulance - PMT has been involved in a series of labor disputes. Was Joy Communications PMT’s PR firm?
2. Experience as a LOBBYIST does not guarantee experience in re-organizing public relations/mailers/media etc. for the GOP.
4. The previous post of What's in the GOP Drinking Water? I PRINTED THE INFORMATION THAT WAS GIVEN TO ME DIRECT VIA PHONE FROM THAYER HIMSELF. The letter below was sent out by the AZ GOP. #be

From: Brett Mecum
Subject: AZGOP Communication and Website Update
To: "Tom Morrissey"
Date: Monday, March 14, 2011, 6:03 PM
Dear Executive Committee Members:
It has been brought to our attention by many of you that parts of the AZGOP website need to be updated, fine-tuned, or replaced all together. We are acutely aware of the situation and are striving to bring the AZGOP website up to speed. Because of the partnership we have with the Republican National Committee and the third party vendor that they use, at times, getting certain changes and updates done have been challenging. Additionally, we feel that it is indeed time to give the AZGOP website a facelift. The departure of Matt Roberts to the Secretary of State’s office left a void in the communications operations of this office. I am pleased to announce that starting today, Joy Communications has come on board and will be working to update the AZGOP website, handle press operations, and reengage our social media operations. Additionally, in the coming weeks, we’ll be moving away from the current website platform and will be working to build a new from the ground up.
If you have any questions, thoughts, or suggestions on website development, social media, or how we can best communicate our message, please don’t hesitate to contact Thayer Verschoor. He can be reached at 602-957-7770 or by e-mail at
Thank you for your time, service to the Party, and continued patience in this matter.
Tom Morrissey