Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Senate Chamber
Obamacare was declared unconstitutional, but that didn't make any difference to the Senate
They shot down the repeal bill sent to them by Congress. View video and how your Senator voted below article. BE
by Michael Connelly
On August 12, 2009 I posted my first article on this blog. I declared that I had read all 1100 pages of HR 3200 that was the initial version of the proposed health care bill and I found that it was unconstitutional for a number of reasons. Among those reasons was my conclusion that Congress was exceeding the powers it was granted b y Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. My opinion never changed as new versions of the Bill were introduced and when the final 2700 page version was passed by Congress I stated in my blog that it was unconstitutional because Congress had no power to force Americans to buy anything including health insurance.
Immediately after writing the initial article I began receiving ridicule from those on the left who called me various names and said that my arguments were outlandish since the Congress was granted the power to regulate anything it wanted under both the Commerce Clause and the General Welfare Clause. I disagreed and today a Federal Judge in Florida has declared the entire health care law unconstitutional and null.
It made this decision in a suit filed by the Attorney Generals of 26 states. He stated in his opinion that the Congress does not have the authority under the Constitution to impose the “individual mandate” that would make every American have to buy insurance. He also ruled that since this requirement is the heart of the law and since there is no severability clause in the legislation that would allow only part of it to be ruled unconstitutional, the entire law is unconstitutional.
This is great victory and comes on the heels of another ruling by a Federal Judge in Virginia that also found that the individual mandate violated the Constitution. Although this case will ultimately go to the U.S. Supreme Court I am confident that this decision will be upheld. However, I would encourage everyone to contact their U.S. Senators and urge them to join the House of Representatives in repealing Obamacare now. It should be pointed out that those who voted for it have already violated the Constitution by passing it and they will be held accountable by the voters if they allow it to continue as the law.
I will continue to monitor the cases as they make their way through the courts and will continue to alert you about other laws and actions that violate our Constitutional rights. You are making a difference and we are starting to win some importance victories both in Congress and the courts.

On the Motion
Senate Roll Call No. 9
112nd Congress, 1st Session
Rejected: 47-51 (see complete tally)
During the debate over the Federal Aviation Administration bill, the Senate rejected this amendment that would have repealed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The text was similar to the bill the House passed on January 19, 2011.
Vote Map: Senate Roll Call No. 9
Votes For : 47
Votes Against : 51
Not Voting : 2
Pennsylvania (Roll Call #9)
Casey (D):
Toomey (R):
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