Saturday, February 19, 2011

on amnesty

Gov. Haley Barbour talks about replacing Americans ,Gov. Haley Barbour praises illegal aliens, worked for amnesty
It has come to light that Gov. Haley Barbour’s former lobbying firm, Griffitha  Rogers, worked on behalf of the Mexican government in 2001 promoting legislation that would have given amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.
TIME Magazine reporter Michael Scherer reports that Barbour along with fellow lobbyist Lanny Griffith led the firm’s effort on behalf of the bill.
Scherer wrote Barbour's work included “building support in the legislative branch for passage of a bill related to Section 245(i) of the Immigration and Nationality Act." As part of that work, Barbour's firm arranged meetings and briefings with "Senators, members of Congress and their staffs, as well as Executive Branch Officials in the White House, National Security Council, State Department, and Immigration & Naturalization Service."
Barbour's lobbying firm billed the government of Mexico $35,000 a month, plus expenses.
On Fox News Sunday, Barbour tried to explain the damaging revelation by saying: “Let me just make this very plain. I'm a lobbyist, a politician, and a lawyer. You know, that's the trifecta. And I am willing to have my record in front of everybody.”
However, Barbour’s work as an open-borders lobbyist should not come as a shock to anyone. In September 2010, he told Human Events: “Common sense tells us we're not gonna take ten or twelve or fourteen million people and put them in jail and deport them. We're not gonna do it, and we need to quit--some of the people need to quit acting like we are, and let's talk about real solutions."
Barbour has also tried justify the hiring of illegal aliens to rebuild the Gulf region after Hurricane Katrina, though he referred to them as “the Spanish speakers that came in to help rebuild.”
Barbour said: “There's no doubt in my mind some of them weren't here legally. Some of them were, some of them weren't. But they came in, they looked for the work--if they hadn't been there, if they hadn't come and stayed for a few months or a couple of years, we would be way, way, way behind where we are now.”
Or…Those jobs would have gone to American workers and their wages would have been much higher and would have been spent in this country, rather than wired back home to Mexico and Central American in the form of Western Union Moneygrams.
Though Gov. Barbour is trying to position himself as a serious contender for the Republican nomination in 2012, he has simply joined the ranks of other RINOs such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham.
With 1 in 5 Americans out of work, we cannot afford another in a long line of presidents who spend more time securing jobs for illegal aliens, than they do for U.S. citizens.
Governor Barbour was