Monday, February 7, 2011

Hair on Fire Mondays
8-9 PM Arizona Time
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Feb.7, 2011 My special guest is:
Noble Hathaway, President Arizona Rifle and Pistol Association
Host: Barbara Espinosa: Publisher of American Freedom
Co-Host: The Honorable Vernon Parker
Co-Host and Tech Support: Charles Long
He is the current President of the Arizona Rifle and Pistol Association which was founded in 1909 the association is dedicated to the promotion of shooting sports, ASRPA is the state arm of the National Rifle Association. An avid shooter since early childhood he also is very involved in shooting sports both in instruction, competition, and organizing shooting events. Mr. Hathaway is an NRA and CMP certified instructor in many disciplines and specializes in teaching students brand new to the shooting sports and introducing firearms to firearms opponents.
He also enjoys flying, riding dirt and street bikes, camping, mountain biking, home and camp cooking, and just about anything outdoors. Throughout the 70’s and 80’s Mr. Hathaway was involved in the home building, land development and the real estate investment trade.
After moving to Arizona, Mr. Hathaway spent two decades in the registered securities and financial planning industry with several national banks.
Along with being President of ASRPA he also is an independent financial planning consultant specializing in residential real estate investment as well as a registered representative for a large investment firm specializing in retirement and legacy planning.
He owns and operates Copperstate Schools, an independent school accredited by the Arizona Department of Real Estate (Copperstate School of Continuing Education) and the Arizona Department of Public Safety (Copperstate Defense Institute) which offers a wide variety of classes ranging from real estate, securities and insurance, construction, firearms, corporate development outdoor tours, and even music instruction.