Thursday, February 10, 2011

Posted from the Marriott in Washington, DC
CPAC 2011

I left home on Feb. 9th headed to DC for the largest gathering of conservatives under one roof in the nation.
My start was fraught with Murphy’s Law, first I have lost my travel bag with a second set of lotions, potions and makeup so I had to improvise.
Then American Airlines called my 8:05 AM flight had been cancelled, due to weather in Dallas; however they could book me on another flight. My choice one at 7:05 AM and one at 9:45 AM. After much conversation about why could a flight at 7:05 and a 9:45 be routed through DFW but not an 8:05 I chose the 9:45AM. Finally the agent said I don’t know, I’m just telling you what I was told to say. I accepted that explanation because the other weren’t logical.
My ride picked me up and I arrived at the airport to be told my 9:45 AM had been delayed and I could leave at 1:30PM that wasn’t good enough I had to be in DC by 7:00PM for a VIP reception for the media.
I was rebooked on US Air hoofed it to a different terminal. By this time I wasn’t in the best of moods. Since I had luggage and video equipment to check in, I had to stand in line to talk to an agent.

Wrong you don’t talk to an agent they direct you to a computer bank where you have to check yourself in and do the paperwork to pay for your luggage, the agent stands with luggage tag in hand to put on your luggage after YOU put it on the conveyer belt. Of course my next question was AM I GOING TO BE REQUIRED TO FLY THE PLANE.
I stood in a cattle call line to go through security. TSA did not do pat downs, groping, feel you up or any of the other terrible things they might do to you. I was ready had my trusty video camera out ready to record.After I finally got on the plane it was akin to riding a bus in Mexico, without the chicken seemed everyone had brought on board all of their luggage. Carry on, large suitcases, hanging bags, computer cases, food, etc. Silly me I thought you couldn't bring on board but one suitcase and it had to be a certain size. Wrong again didn't seem to be any rules for how much you could carry on
I made it in time picked up my media registration kit and met my friend Matthew Vadum. Matthew is the nation’s foremost expert on Acorn and SEIU. We made the VIP reception and then went to dinner. When we came back to the hotel we convened a new media meeting in the Lobby Lounge with “The Other McCain”, Da Tech Guy, Erik Svane, Amile Wilson, and Lene Johansen.
Herman Cain a candidate in 2012 for President stopped by and chatted it up with a bunch of us. Herman has been a speaker for the Goldwater Institute and was a speaker at the Red State Conference in September 2010. I met him at the GoIdwater Institute eons ago so it was fun talking to him. Arizona Senator Lori Klein and I had been talking about him a couple of weeks ago. BTW Lori he said Hey to you.
The morning of the 10th in the new media lounge met up with Peter had of couple of his cannolas had my picture taken with Pam Geller who I met at last year’s CPAC then met Katy Benningfield, Tania Gail Ciolko , Tabitha from Freedom Works. Also met 2012 Senate Candidate D’Amboise. Stay connected for more from DLOTP.