Thursday, January 6, 2011

On the Grapevine
                         REPEAL THE WHOLE DAMN THING
From the THE ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW and The Radio Patriot Weeknights @ 9 pm EST
I have just learned from a trusted source - Capitol Hill insider Elizabeth Letchworth – who got it from a DC budget expert that Obama is trying to figure out a way to tap into the Medicare trust fund which has money flowing thru it via everyone’s paycheck deductions.
Also the trust fund is an entitlement and thus is treated differently by Congress as far as changing or cutting. If he can do this thru Exec order he will fully fund the depts and agencies that will be needed to operate Obama care.
This is to protect Obama care from successful defunding Congressional efforts expected to come out of the 112th Congress.
This is why full repeal needs to pass.
The gem with getting tied into the medicare trust fund is the money stream is endless and doesn’t have to be appropriated by congress year after year like the agencies do.
However Obama care says Health Care will be run by HHS so they need to find a way to tap this life-line or they run the risk of having it dismantled by any given congress.
I am told the POTUS’ legal counsel team is working feverishly to find a way to do this.
Obama's legal team is huge -- they'll find a way. THAT's why this bill needs to be repealed.
Tune in to Andrea Shea King's radio show tonight for more... Elizabeth will pop in with her suggestion of how we can fight this. Please don't miss it. Hit the link below the newspaper.

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