Wednesday, January 26, 2011


State of the Union from the new breed of "SNAKE OIL SALESMAN" he must think Americans are dumb. As the Indians would say Half White Man talk with forked tongue.
He pontificates about a balanced budget, control spending and the Obama administration has increased the national higher percentage wise than any President in 40 years. Borrowing 40% of the debt. While he's talking about reducing the deficit he's asking the debt limit be raised.
Asking for a bi-partisan Congress to redo the healthcare, the Democrats sure did not want it bi-partisan when they were in control of the house. Would not bring a Republican proposal to the floor for a vote. Passed a bill of over 2,000 pages they had not read. "Nancy Pelosi's famous quote we need to pass the bill, so we can know what's in it".  Passed in the dead of night with the American people protesting across American. # BE

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