Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Michael Connelly
It is a new year and we have a new Congress taking office. The Republicans have solid control of the House of Representatives while the Democrats still have control of the Senate, but without a filibuster proof majority. The battle lines are already being joined and it is imperative that the American citizens who fought for the election of solid conservatives continue to pay attention to what is happening in Congress and let our Senators and Representatives, both Democrat and Republican, know that we are watching them.

We made our priorities known through the election and now we need to make sure that Congress does what we demanded.

1. Congress must put the brakes on the out of control federal spending that has already pushed our deficit over the 14 trillion dollar mark. If it keeps climbing at the current rate our economy will likely collapse before the 2012 elections ever take place.

2. While repeal of Obamacare can’t be done with the Democrats in control of the Senate and Obama having veto power, the Republicans can began the systematic dismantling of the law by refusing to fund much of it including the over 138 new agencies that it created.

3. Congress must also take a strong stand against the attempts by Obama to bypass Congress and implement his radical agenda by using Executive Orders and regulations issued by agencies such as the FCC and the EPA. This is clearly unconstitutional and it may be necessary for some members of Congress to stand up and file suit against the Obama administration.

4. Congress must also reverse some of these agency actions like those of the EPA implementing provisions of the Cap and Trade bill that Congress refused to pass, and the actions of the FCC taking federal government control of the Internet.

5. It is also imperative that the new Congress take action to force Obama to open up more areas, both on and offshore, to domestic oil drilling and production. Under the current administration policies we will continue to have to get most of our oil from places like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. We will also see gasoline prices continue to rise and more jobs will be lost because of the lack of domestic production.

These are just some of the areas where Congress must act and we must be more vigilant than ever. In addition, I have recently been discussing on my radio show other areas where we can start to make a big difference. In addition to the devastating defeats suffered by the progressives in Congress, they also took a beating in the state and local elections in many areas of the country. Republicans gained 650 legislative seats and now have control of more state legislatures than they have in 80 years.

They also took control of many governorships and as a result, state governments including states such as Pennsylvania, Texas, Nebraska, and Virginia are preparing to fight the Federal government on a number of fronts. These include legal challenges to Obamacare and EPA regulations, as well as passing new state laws to control illegal immigration.

We can make a big difference in these state and local battlegrounds because one vote counts more on the local level. People are often asking me how they can make a difference and this is one the most important ways. It’s time for the states to assert the 10th Amendment to the Constitution and fight the leftists who would relegate the states to serfdoms ruled by the elitists in Washington. We must support these efforts.

We can also help by taking back control of local school boards and city councils from the far left. The battle for freedom at every level can’t stop now and I will continue to monitor what is happening in Washington. However, I will need you to keep me abreast of what is occurring in your states and cities. That way I can inform other people of what is working and what is not. Just let me know by placing posts on the blog or emailing me at

I will also be devoting more time than ever to these endeavors and if you can further help by donating to support my blog I will be very grateful. The next two years are critical to the future of our nation. Let’s keep up the good fight.