Friday, January 14, 2011

DEMOCRAT.. Hank Johnson
Is he smarter than a 5th grader ???????????????? {H/T David}

COMMENTS...from YouTube
• Hank Johnson has taken ignorance to whole new level.
• This video is so embarrassing that its difficult to watch without cringing.
• A waste of space at our capital (how'd he qualify to speak here?). A basic understanding of geology... most of us learned by Junior High... should be a prerequisite to speaking on the subject (from a law-makers point of view). Now I'm starting to get a sense of why it is possible to get such stupid laws on our books... because we have uneducated people elected to seats in DC... and I'd suspect some of them may be challenged to gain freedom if they were to be trapped in a wet paper sack.
• What I'd like to know is what exactly the Admiral was thinking when Johnson showed the world just how retarded he really is. It looks like he is doing everything he can to bust out in a hysterical laugh. I couldn't have done it, I would've been rolling on the floor!
• You underestimate the general population's propensity for stupidity. We are a nation of idiots who are more concerned about sports scores than we are forein investment and global warfare in the name of a supreme being that we have yet to prove exists.
• Are you kidding me?!! How did the Admiral and the others keep from bursting into fits of laughter? A member of the House of Representatives, representive of what, our education system
• I know a wonderful lady he should meet. Sherri Shepherd is right up his alley. She may even be - though only slightly - more intelligent than he is. If you are from the district he represents and wonder why it is not a place people want to live, you have only yourself to blame.
• He was re-elected with 75% of the vote