Saturday, January 15, 2011

New FBI en Español Site Dedicated to Those Who Speak Spanish
Aquí se ofrece información básica sobre cómo contactar al FBI y sobre el tipo de delitos que investiga. También se pueden leer artículos sobre cómo protegerse contra el fraude, qué hacer ante un delito y cómo mantenerse seguro.

Have I been transported to Mexico? When I call a bank, government offices, businesses, stores I have to press
one to speak to someone in English. Now taxpayers dollars are being spent to set up and maintain government web sites in Spanish, this is America for crying out loud and we speak English. If you are living in my country you should speak the language, if you choose to speak a second language do it at home and with your friends. BE

Here you will find basic information about how to contact the FBI and about the types of crimes it investigates. You can also read articles on how to protect yourself against fraud, how to cope with crime, and how to stay safe.
FBI en Español