Thursday, December 23, 2010

With Me
Palestine, Texas sets among gorgeous pines and dogwood trees it’s a charming town with a feel of the Deep South.

Palestine Courthouse
Victorian Homes surrounded by large magnolia trees welcome you to a romantic era of bygone days. Over 1,800 historical sites are scattered throughout the area.

On Wednesday when we were Christmas shopping and running errands around town I was impressed with the friendly people. Stores called my friend by name and in the jewelry store the lady told her about her mother coming in the day before to get a battery in her watch. The proceeded to tell her how good her mother looked with her new wig. Cashiers in Wal-Mart asked how are you; neighbors visited in the aisle with stories about their Christmas plans along with remarks about who was feeling bad, who was better, and whose family was in town for Christmas. Wal-Mart has park benches in the front of the store and people {mostly men} were sitting having a chin wag with each other. Reminded you of the ole’ time general store, when guys sat on the front porch trading tall tales about the last time they went hunting and fishing.

Not once in Palestine did anyone say Happy Holidays it was always Merry Christmas. You did not receive a number to try on clothes, if they hadn’t already called you by it and asked about everyone you knew, they asked for your name. Needless to say the comparison between a town in Texas and a big city is a world apart. Each has a lifestyle for you to enjoy depending on your preference.
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