Friday, December 24, 2010


With Me
Trail Camera set up to capture activity
Feral Pigs

Lighted to capture night activity
On Thursday after many years of visiting Joe asked me to go on his morning rounds to check out the ranch happenings. It was colder than a well digger’s ass, however I climbed shivering in the SUV and off we went. We went to check his stands {blinds you hunt from}, what an educational experience.
Joe has ten stands 5 have Trail cameras which captures the animals feeding, the date and time. Only family and friends are given permission to hunt at Irongate. They do eat the venison and  give the pigs to a neighbor to butcher for his use.. Their grandson {Briley} killed his first deer at the age of nine and at eleven killed a 11 point deer on Irongate land.

Irongate Ranch is my place to share happy times with lifelong friends and to lick my wounds from life’s disappointments. Christmas time is a little of both. Happy to be with loving friends’ sadness because it’s this time of year we buried the love of my life.

Friday will be a happy time; it’s their son’s birthday, so the Christmas feast will be celebrated along with John’s birthday. His mother started the cooking Thursday. Only ingredient's bought at store everything made from scratch. Favorite Texas Pecan Pie, with fresh Texas Pecans.
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