Saturday, December 18, 2010

With Me

Gavin Lawrence [Grandson] His thespian promo photo
 Arriving Thursday afternoon at my destination before going out for dinner with my grandson and his mother we had a few hours to do some Christmas Shopping. I finished buying a couple of gifts and of course that created a whole other mission to be accomplished….Getting them delivered before Christmas so…
Friday my daughter in law and I spent locating a Fed-Ex with me trying to decide whether to wrap or not wrap. I finally decided to decorate the box. That took up most of the day until my grandson (Gavin) got out of school.
Every time I visit with him it’s a learning experience about his personality.
Last year he was in drama/acting and came in fifth in national competition as a duet..My comment was I didn’t know you could sing.. His, Nana duet is not singing it’s where you have a partner on stage and there’s just the two of you..Who knew? It’s also not called acting anymore its “interruption” who knew?

He’s now playing baseball again.. He sprained his ankle bad {at first they thought it was broke} when I asked him how it happened, answer I fell down in front of the girls softball team and David had to carry me off the field and the whole girl’s team was laughing at me..I still don’t know how it happened..What I do know is that he is using what thespian talent he has to solicit sympathy from the girl’s softball team.

He’s now about a head and a half taller than I am. Most of his conversation with me is trying to work in some funny about my height [that he thinks is funny].
His best one yesterday was when I said hey…what’s this business of you sitting in the front seat…I get to sit there..Gavin ..I’m trying to save your life in case of an accident..There is a height requirement for sitting in the front..Then proceeded to read the air bag warning….
Of course I couldn’t let him get away with that..He and his friend David were going on a double date and up until the time he left I had him believing I was going as David’s date. Started with I haven’t had a date with a 17 year old since I was 13 of course David being a good doobie played along. I was finally busted..Which Gavin said I knew you were fooling?

Being frugal with his money, of course we went to dinner BEFORE his date. TexMex at Little Mexico it has been in business since 1955 and has great Mexican food, ambience typical ole’ time Texas Café.

Today they will pick me up and it’s more shopping then dinner and maybe a movie.
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