Friday, December 10, 2010

Congressman Allen West!!!

Qur'an (or Koran) itself, the holy book of Islam, contains over 100 verses calling for violence against Christians and Jews. To give just one example, Sura 9:5 says, "Slay the idolaters wherever you find them."
During a panel discussion sponsored by the Hudson Institute last January, retired Army Lt. Colonel Allen West, who did combat duty in Iraq, responded to a Marine who asked the question, how do you answer people who say that terrorists are following a "warped" version of Islam?
The panel consisted of a number of former military personnel, who fumbled around trying to answer the question. Col. West finally stepped forward answered the question directly and truthfully. Listen to the words of a former military man who understands the nature of the enemy we face: Notice again Col. West's straightforward assessment: "This is not a perversion. They are doing exactly what this book (i.e., the Qur'an) says."
Col. West, by the way, was elected last month to Congress, to represent Florida's 22nd congressional district. He will be the first African-American Republican congressman to represent Florida since 1870. If you'd like to see the full, unedited video of the exchange, which includes the Marine's question and shows the discomfort felt by every other member of this panel in responding to the question.
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GUEST: Gadi Adelman, American born moved to Israel with his family at an early age. After being present when a terrorist bomb was detonated where Seven people were killed and 45 were injured. Gadi started to study everything he could find in both English and Hebrew on terrorism and its causes. A contributing editor for Family Security Matters with a weekly column published on Monday. Gadi Adelman is a freelance writer and lecturer on the history of terrorism and counter terrorism. He grew up in Israel, studying terrorism and Islam for 35 years after surviving a terrorist bomb in Jerusalem in which 7 children were killed. Since returning to the U. S., Gadi teaches and lectures to law enforcement agencies as well as high schools and colleges. He is a contributing editor for Family Security Matters as well as a featured writer for Stop the Islamization of Europe. He is currently writing his first book, "Terrorism; Understanding the Threat". Size: 13.73 MB Content will be available for download until December 15, 2010 12:21 PST.Download