Friday, December 24, 2010

Argentina Dove Hunt....
Author: Joe Bryant
Briley Piersol

Our son and his 13 year old son bought a guided dove hunt out of Cordoba, Argentina at one of the game banquets. They went last week. They flew from Houston to Panama City, Panama and got to see the big Canal in the approach to the airfield when landing. Then they flew on to Cordoba. It was a total of 12 hour flight time. The guide picked them up at the airport and drove them to the hacienda. After resting a while and eating lunch, they hunted 4 hours that afternoon. Briley, the 13 year old son shot 1000 time and killed 650 doves.
Dining Room
They ate wonderful meals while there and hunted about 4 hours morning and afternoon on Saturday, afternoon on Sunday, and Monday morning before being driven back to Cordoba. Briley shot a total of 5450 rounds and killed 3083 doves. Some of his shots were fired just to see if he could hit them, so his average could have been even better.

The guide named him “Killer B.”

He was a fantastic shot before they went and now he is even better. They rented the 20 guage shotguns and bought the ammo from the guide. It is not advisable to take your own shotgun with as much as it is fired and it costs about as much to ship one as it does to rent. They enjoyed the trip so much that if it didn’t cost so much they would be ready to go right back.

John "Father of Killer B"

It has been nice to have them back and hear all about the trip and see the pictures