Wednesday, November 10, 2010

He gets it.
Guest Columnist: Michael Connelly

 What happened on November 2, 2010 was indeed an unprecedented beat down of the so-called“Progressive Movement” in this country. The standard bearers for the march towards the destruction of our nation and its Constitution are the President and his cabinet members and the far left members of Congress. Their efforts were soundly rejected by the vast majority of Americans and over 63 members of the House of Representatives were defeated as were a number of Democrat Senators. In addition, the Republicans gained at least 11 governorships and control of many state legislatures.
On the day following this election the country anxiously awaited the response of President Obama to this defeat. People were wondering if he understood what had happened the night before, in other words, “did he get it.” When the President held his press conference that afternoon he adopted his usual condescending attitude toward the American people who he believes just don’t have understand that he is someone with superior intelligence who knows what is best from them. In fact, at one point, he actually seemed to be suggesting that the election defeats that occurred the day before were not because the American people really opposed his stampeding the nation into socialism, but were dissatisfied because it was not happening fast enough.

At this point, I joined the huge number of Americans who were watching the Presidential press conference and shaking their heads because Obama obviously still didn’t get it. However, now I have changed my mind. “He Gets It;” he knows the American people have rejected his policies and his vision for America, but he just doesn’t care. Therein lies the danger and it is an immediate one. The anointed one really believes that he is superior to most of the rest of us and he is entitled to impose his will on us by any means necessary. We cannot revel in our victory because things will begin happening very quickly over the next few months.
It will begin with the “Lame Duck” session of Congress that starts on November 15, 2010. This will be before the newly elected members of Congress take office so the Democrats allied with Obama will still be solidly in control. During the speech on November 3rd Obama made clear his attention to have Congress repeal the don’t ask and don’t tell policy regarding homosexuals in the military.
Harry Reid, who will continue his reign as Senate Majority leader thanks to the labor unions he serves, has already told them that he will try to ram through an amnesty bill for illegal aliens, and the highly controversial “card check” legislation to make it easier for unions to force workers to join them. There are also indications that efforts will be made to pass the Internet regulation bill that would give Obama control over Internet content and to shut down the Internet entirely if he chooses to do so.
If all of this legislation fails to pass in the lame duck session Obama may go to plan “B”. He is being urged by his far left supporters to ignore the new Congress in January and to impose his will on the American people by using Executive Orders and Executive Branch regulatory agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). For example, he will grant amnesty to millions of illegals in this country and continue to block both Federal and State agencies form arresting those entering our country illegally.
He will use the EPA to put back breaking carbon emissions on the energy industry in America that will cause utility bills to skyrocket and massive unemployment. This meant the Cap and Trade legislation rejected by the Senate will be enforced anyway. He intends to use the FCC to stifle freedom of speech and freedom of the press by controlling talk radio. All of that is just the beginning of what is being considered and when it starts to happen we will enter a Constitutional crisis like no other faced since the Civil War.
We will be facing a situation where a single individual and his allies will seek to abolish our Constitution and our Republic so that we will be living under a dictatorship. It is imperative that we remain vigilant and keep informing our friends and neighbors of the danger we face. In fact, millions of people “still don’t get it” and that is why far left Senators like Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid won their elections and will continue to assist Obama in the destruction of our nation.
Your hard work and dedication to America paid off big time on Election Day but the fight is just beginning. We have a President of the United States who openly referred to us as his enemies during the recent campaign just because we oppose his policies. He also said we needed to be punished for this transgression. That really sums up what we are facing.