Saturday, November 20, 2010

Governor Chris Christie !!
Governor Christie and Wife Mary Pat
November 18, 2010 the Goldwater Institute had Governor Chris Christie as their speaker and they outdid themselves. Governor Christie had the audience spellbound, finally an elected officials that is actually doing what he promised to do on the campaign trail. Downsize government and control spending.

This is a note I received from one of my table guest.
What a Great Evening! The Goldwater Institute Annual Dinner with Governor Chris Christie.........
He's just so great for this Country! So real, so down to earth....
one cannot help but admire the qualities this man has and guts!
" A Real Captain America" Good Italian boy from New Jersey who loves Pepperoni Pizza, beer and attends 10:30 AM Mass every Sunday with his family ! He is so proud of his Sicilian Roots and the strong upbringing that shaped him for the important role of governing New Jersey and cleaning up the political corruption. He needs to be President! The Joyce'

Bob and Carole with Governor Christie
Hang in make take a sec to load..worth the