Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Constipated Asses!!!!!
Gentry Collins

WTF? Michael Steele slammed again...
AMERICA think it .. BARBARA says it..Former Iowa GOP leader Gentry Collins leaked his four page resignation letter to Politico in an effort to smear Chairman Michael Steele. Trying a gotcha, for his own gain and un-necessary, shows he does not have the tact or diplomacy to be a leader.
"A copy of Collins’ resignation letter was leaked to the DC news site Politico. The four-page letter slammed the RNC’s financial shortcomings under Steele, as well as several strategic errors that Collins contends could damage the party going into 2012. Craig Robinson, the former political director of the Republican Party of Iowa said it’s hypocritical of Collins to complain about how the party spent its money, since “it was Collins who the RNC trusted to spend those resources, not Steele.” He goes on to question the timing of Collins’ resignation, saying it was “either a move to end the chances of Steele getting re-elected to a second term (those chances already appearing slim), or it was a move to help propel his own political career.”
While Collins’ actions made waves in political circles across the country, Iowans have come to expect such behavior from him. The scenario that Collins paints in his letter is very reminiscent of what occurred when he was the Executive Director of the Republican Party of Iowa (RPI) in 2004".

RNC Needs to clean out these old party Hacks! Bunch of Country Clubbers that sit on their
Constipated Asses and do nothing but, whine! It's Republicans like Collins that will damage the party going into 2012 no one else. Steele contacted the grassroots' voter that does the work to get candidates elected.
Michael Steele traveled across the nation on the Fire Pelosi bus and contacted 45 million voters. Along with The Tea Party Express IV bus and other like minded groups that knew it was "We the People" that could make a difference and produced some great results!
Michael Steele thinking outside the box precipitated the biggest win for the GOP since 1938. He also had the Balls to tell them to shut up! They forget, he had NO incumbent President hanging around to
Fundraise for the RNC..... he can only do so much.... Is Collins intimating that the small donor doesn't count? Is Collins saying the RNC should kiss ass only if the donation is over $1,000.00 dollars?
I've got a dose of reality for Gentry Collins charitable contributions that are tax deductible are down across America. It's the economy stupid and has nothing to do with Michal Steele.

These old white guys are more concerned with their own egos than the busy "eating their own" and trying to get rid of Michael Steele when they should be praising him as the First Black Chairman which would recruit more minorities..and this party needs to connect with those
groups. # be