Monday, October 18, 2010


Read the book: The Last Medal of Honor: The True Story of Green Beret Sergeant Roy P. Benavidez and His Six-Hour Battle in Hell.
Tango Mike Mike is the story of Green Beret Roy P. Benavidez and his heroic action in Vietnam that earned him the Medal of Honor. His story is truly amazing and is a tribute to all the Vietnam Vets whose stories haven’t been told. "As long as our Military train men like Mike, America is safe from tyranny, we are assured our Freedom and Liberty will be preserved." be
1. I have 20+ years in the Oil & Gas Industry as a consultant. When I started in this industry. I was working offshore (1985), out of Port O’Connor. One day I picked one of Roy’s books. I read it and was inspired by the fact that this person is truly synonymous with the word “HERO”. On my way home after my hitch offshore, I dropped off a letter I had written to Roy during my week offshore. I had no address, so I pulled into a convenience store in El Campo and asked if anyone had Roy’s address. The clerk, said “Just leave it here, Roy comes in for a daily coffee and sometimes a Budweiser”, I left it there and went on Home to Tomball. A few days later I received an envelope, sent by Roy, with a letter and a signed picture of him in full dress. I was in awe, I did not expect a return, much less the speed I got it in. Today that picture is framed and it hangs in my study along next to my Military Shadow box of Medals. When I have friends and family over and they notice the picture of Roy. I tell them “You are looking at a TRUE HERO. My regret is that I only met Roy once and had a beer together. Rodd Smith
2. I’m speechless. Simply an incredible story about an unforgettable amazing act of bravery and selflessness. True Heroism to the core. Why in the world this hasn’t been made into a movie is beyond me.Brent Steven
That is an awesome story! Thanks for sharing. BigGeekDad
3. Inspiring and beautiful. What a man! I thought Mark Knopler’s “Brothers In Arms” song fit the profile perfectly! Acsenzi