Thursday, October 28, 2010


Patriot Pac Donate

MEDIA CONTACT: Stacey Carbonel (314) 266-1696
Wash DC, Oct 27 – Patriot PAC is holding a press conference this Friday, Oct 29 at 1PM at the National Press Club to discuss the GOP support of their black Congressional candidates. They will also discuss the impact of the Tea Party movement on congressional races through Operation Black Storm.
Supporters of Operation Black Storm believe that the election of minority candidates should be at the forefront of Republican politics, particularly as after the election of 2010, there will likely be more conservative blacks serving in Congress since Reconstruction.
Spokesperson for Operation Black Storm, Kevin Jackson of The Black Sphere commented, “Republicans can be proud that JC Watts carried the torch in the U.S. House alone for some years; however it is a new day. The socialist blacks in Congress—the Congressional Black Caucus—are about to have to contend with a black peer group constituted of Frederick Douglass Republicans, who see America as the land of opportunity, and not the land of handouts.”
Asked why this press conference was scheduled, Jackson explained that the mainstream media is not covering what is about to occur, though it is as historically significant as Obama’s election. This is a transformative time in American politics, and a day Democrats have dreaded to confront.
The hope of Operation Black Storm is to get the rest of America to see the importance of what is happening, and to support these candidates in the final surge to Nov 2 by donating to the candidates directly or through Patriot PAC.
Patriot PAC is providing endorsements and financial support for the whole slate of candidates under Operation Black Storm, with the assistance of Frederick Douglass Foundation PAC and Declaration Alliance PAC, and the national Tea Party and Patriot movement.
Marvin Scott - IN-7, Chuck Smith - VA-3, Bill Randall - NC-13, Tim Scott - SC-3, Bill Marcy - MS-2, Charlotte Bergman - TN-9, Michael Faulkner - NY-15, Robert Broadus - MD-4, Charles Lollar - MD-5, Stephen Broden - TX-9, Star Parker - CA-37, Ryan Frazier - CO-7, Allen West - FL-22, Isaac Hayes - IL-2, and Vince Danet - US Virgin Islands are Operation Black Storm candidates.
K. Carl Smith, President of ConservativeMESSENGER, and Field Director for the Operation Black Storm coalition stated, “We want to reignite America’s passion for liberty and create an atmosphere for political dialogue where Frederick Douglass Republicans can engage in conversation in every community, and show black America an open path of integrity to voting their core values.”