Friday, October 1, 2010

October 1, 2010
Michael Connelly
With the 2010 midterm election almost on us it is important that we reflect on what is really at stake. If the so-called Progressives remain in control of Congress, Obama will be able to continue with his socialist agenda to “fundamentally change America.” By 2012 our country and our freedoms may be damaged beyond repair. I am no clairvoyant, but you don’t have to be to see what’s coming. The following predictions are what I see in our future if people that believe in our nation and our Constitution are not elected to Congress right now. Everything I predict is based on far left legislation currently pending in Congress or ready to be filed, and on the statements of Obama, his cabinet members, and his Czars about what they want to do to us. I present this as an attorney who has spent the last 36 years defending the Constitution.
By 2012 or shortly thereafter, the U.S. economy will be in shambles. Uncontrolled spending will have driven the deficit to a level that will put our future generations into a position of debt they can never pay off and that will just continue to grow.
Unemployment will continue to rise as increased taxes imposed by the government drive small businesses under and force many large corporations to move their operations to other countries where the taxes are far less.
The government will continue to print more money in order to pay our debts and this will cause runaway inflation which will weaken the value of the dollar around the world. The combination of the tax burden and inflation will mean that even those Americans who have jobs will find it difficult to pay their bills and put food on the table for their families.
The housing market will virtually collapse. Americans who own homes will continue to lose them to foreclosure and few people will be able to afford to buy homes. Overall, consumer confidence will be at record lows. Even if people have money, they will be afraid to spend it.
The federal government will continue to take control over more areas of the free market economy with the eventual goal to have centralized control over everything. The energy industry will be the first to go with new and unnecessary environmental regulations forcing many companies out of business. The American people will see the costs of everything from gasoline to home heating oil dramatically increase. Utility bills will double or triple at the very least.
Since under provisions sneaked into the Health Care Bill Obama has nationalized the student loan industry, it will become very difficult for many young Americans to attend college. Priority for loans will be given to minority students including those who have entered this country illegally. Students who wish to attend private religious universities will soon find it almost impossible to get student loans.
The Obama administration has signaled that it intends to establish new standards for universities, both public and private, that will give it control over everything from the curriculums offered to how the schools are administered. We can expect to see many private institutions, particularly Christian schools, forced to close their doors.
As for the K through 12th grade schools around the country they will be primarily turned over to the Teacher’s Unions. Control of these schools will gradually be taken from the states and local school boards and given to the unions and the Federal government. They will essentially be institutions used to indoctrinate children into a particular political philosophy instead of truly educating them.
There will no longer be any effort to enforce our immigration laws. Millions of people who have broken our laws and entered the country illegally will be granted a blanket amnesty. This will inevitably include violent gang members, drug dealers, and potential terrorists.
Our Southern border will be wide open and more of the criminal element will come in. The violence in Mexico by the drug cartels will spill over into this country and cities in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California will become killing zones with innocent American citizens caught in the cross fire.
The Obama administration will continue its efforts to keep these states from enforcing the immigration laws and protecting themselves. In addition, the illegal immigrants granted amnesty will be given a fast track to U.S. citizenship in an effort to change the voting demographics of these states and eventually turn them into left wing controlled strongholds.
By 2012 America will have lost all standing in the world. We will no longer be considered the leader of the Free World, or even relevant to it. Our allies will no longer trust us and thus will not work with us. We will have made a premature withdrawal from Afghanistan and that country will again become a haven for terrorists. Thousands of brave Americans in our military will have been killed or wounded for nothing.
Iran will either have nuclear weapons or be very close to doing so. It will ultimately control the Middle East and cut off our access to oil. This will further devastate our economy.
In addition, the radical Islamic factions will be emboldened by this failure of America and will increase their terrorist attacks on both our former allies and on the United States. They will find this particularly easy in the U.S. because of our open Southern border.
The health care industry will be in chaos. The costs of health care will have increased and so will insurance premiums. There will be rationing of health care, particularly for our senior citizens because of drastic cuts in Medicare. The government will decide which doctors you can see and which hospitals you can go to. American taxpayers will be forced to pay for elective abortions and the medical care of people who have entered the country illegally.
State governments will find themselves forced to dole out millions more for Medicaid payments and many states will face bankruptcy. Americans who value their freedom and refuse to submit to the mandatory insurance provisions will be fined and harassed by the IRS.
This system is designed to fail so ultimately the Obama administration will be able to force the American public to accept a health care plan totally controlled by the Federal Government. That will make things even worse. By this time thousands of doctors will have retired or closed their practices and Americans will find themselves being denied critical treatment because they are too old or disabled to deserve it.
By 2012 our individual rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution will have been totally eroded. The First Amendment to the Constitution will virtually be extinct. Political Correctness, which is already out of control, will run amok. American students and American workers will find themselves expelled from school or losing their jobs because they dare to support traditional American values or oppose the Obama Administration and its policies.
Under pending legislation in the U.S. Senate Obama would be given complete control over the Internet. This is used by millions of Americans to get news and opinions about our government and to communicate with others who agree with them. The legislation would allow the Executive Branch of government to control Internet content and even completely shut down the Internet if it declared a “crisis.”
Such action would not only deny us our right to free speech, but destroy the livelihood of millions of Americans who make their living online.
Then we have the freedom of religion. Millions of Americans who are Christians or Jews will be denied the right to express themselves while Muslims will be given more latitude to impose Sharia law on their neighbors.
Freedom of the Press is also under constant assault by the Obama Administration. Through his appointed Czars there have been calls to limit the press in this country as it is being done in countries like Venezuela where newspapers and television stations are shut down and their owners arrested for daring to oppose the government. Obama has personally declared Fox News “destructive” for opposing some of his agenda and there is legislation pending in Congress to force radio stations to stop carrying conservative radio talk shows.
Then there is the pledge by Obama and Hilary Clinton to support efforts by the United Nations to take away the right of Americans to keep and bear arms. By 2012 the Fourth amendment will also be destroyed. By combining the provisions of the health care bill with certain proposed legislation the Federal government will have instant access to our health care records, our bank accounts and other financial information, and our personal computers and other electronic communication devices. Despite the guarantee of the Fourth Amendment to freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures, the government will be able to monitor everything that we do or even think.
The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution provides for numerous protections including that no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law. That provision of the Constitution is totally ignored in the health care bill and in much of the pending legislation in Congress.
My fellow Americans; I know that this is a lengthy article, but unfortunately this is only the tip of the iceberg. We are truly at a crossroad and must decide which route we will take. We can allow Obama and the current Congress to continue to destroy the American dream that our forefathers fought and died for or we can fight back. I urge everyone to fight. We must all vote and win this election or we will surely cease to exist as a free nation. It is time to take back our country. God Bless America!