Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Factor " No Spin"

Bill O'Reilly the self appointed watchdog of contributions made by the public to pleas of help for whatever group is being touted at the moment. Last night took on the cause of the Haitians. I agree the money that has been flim- flamed out of the public with pleas to help the children {which they always use} should go to the cause it was intended. I do not agree that Geraldo's tirade against Senator Tom Coburn is justified. Senator Coburn is holding up the funding of $1.5 billion dollars to be sent to Haiti to help rebuild that country. O'Reilly America is over $13 Trillion in debt and is printing and borrowing money as fast as the government can. We send Trillions of dollars in foreign aid to countries that would like to see America become a third world country. Some that think we are infidels and want to see us dead. We spend billions on entitlements for criminal illegal immigrates. 40% of Americans are on welfare and food stamps. 41% of Americans don't pay taxes. We have an average of 10.6% unemployment, in some areas of the country it's close to 30%. Get on your high horse about what matters to the American taxpayer. Our infrastructure needs to be maintained. Our citizens need jobs. Our citizens need paychecks not handouts. Our citizens needs should come before any other country or its people. Senator Tom Coburn is correct if we don't have the funds we shouldn't be borrowing and paying interest to give the money away. America should not be the economic engine that supports world governments or their people. Would you borrow and pay interest to give the money away? I think not. Neither should America. be
Fridays with Geraldo Segment
Where has all the Haiti aid money gone?
Celebrities helped raise billions of dollars to help Haiti after January's earthquake, but most Haitians who lost their homes are still living in the streets or in tents. The Factor asked Geraldo Rivera where the celebrities have gone. "There are many catastrophes competing for center stage," Rivera replied, "and a lot of people run to the light when the spotlight is on a particular issue. Then they follow the spotlight." Rivera reserved his harshest criticism for Republican Senator Tom Coburn. "He is holding up $1.5 billion for Haiti reconstruction, and he was doing it secretly. This is the largest segment of unpaid money that has been pledged to restore that broken nation." The Factor implied that many stars have moved on to other causes and have forgotten Haiti: "We asked a bunch of celebrities to come on this program tonight to re-direct attention to the problem, but so far they have all declined and won't even issue statements. I'm angry about celebrities getting 'cred' for going down there and then, when the going gets rough, they won't issue a statement."