Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Recycled speeches? What else is Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick borrowing from Obama?
President Obama has already visited Massachusetts twice in the last 7 months to campaign and fundraise for Governor Patrick, so it should come as no surprise that he will be fueling up Air Force One yet again and coming to Boston next weekend to try to save his good friend from losing to my campaign.
The Boston Globe has Charlie Baker for Governor just one point behind Deval Patrick. Patrick gets to call his buddy in the White House for help; Charlie Baker needs the people of Massachusetts. Help Charlie Baker fight back against the Patrick/Obama machine by volunteering or making a contribution to the Baker Committee today. Governor Patrick can let the unions and the Washington elite fight his battles, but I’ll proudly turn to the men and women of this great country to help me fight back.
With your help, Charlie Baker can beat Deval Patrick, and send a clear message to the White House that empty rhetoric and broken promises won’t cut it anymore.

The similarities between President Obama and Governor Patrick are undeniable: same campaign strategists, same empty rhetoric, and the same failed tax and spend policies.