Monday, October 25, 2010


Policy expert Robert Rector describes how amnesty for illegal aliens will result in more than 100 million additional immigrants to the United States within just 20 years.
Obama campaigned on pushing amnesty so please call Congress--the battle will be back (possibly as part of Socialized medicine) and we must rally the same tidal wave of opposition as successfully defeated amnesty every time it has been brought up for a vote. Tell your friends!
Mr. Rector is the person who did the research and discovered the shocking facts about the amnesty bill which began the massive citizen opposition to any form of amnesty, guest worker program, 'pathway to citizenship,' or other means for promoting massive immigration. Immigrants under these bills could bring in their extended familes to take advantage of welfare, medicare and other government programs.
Americans made it clear they want a full 2,300 mile fence and a stop to all illegal immigration. The Bush policy of allowing virtually unlimited border crossings and pushing for amnesty is related to the greater agenda of merging America, Mexico, and Canada into one giant Socialist "North American Union"--see our video on the NAU here at TCCTV on YouTube.
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