Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sex for Fun and Profit Chapter 2
Sodom and Gomorrah has nothing on the sexual promiscuity of today.
When I was told by someone I thought I knew, they did phone sex, I was also up to my eyeballs in Arizona's Primary Election. After months of beating the drum to elect conservatives. I had started the research on sex for fun and profit ....Lo and Behold a sex scandal broke about Ben Quayle, which led me to include politics. Ben Quayle was frequent contributor to a site called the dirty as Brock Landers... A character from the movie Boogie Nights. He was elected in the primary despite the publicity... At first I thought OK a lot of young people elected him, since he's only 33 years old. Not true he was elected across the board by all ages.. How times have changed..
The possibility, it's not sex, it's not hypocrisy, it's not being unfaithful or having same sex partners that heralds the demise of a political career or the rising another to fame. But the exposure that politicians are also humans. Just like the "common" man they cannot keep their zipper up when it comes to the fawning female/male. Like athletes and rock stars they too have "camp followers." Each scandal plays out differently some sink into obscurity and others rise to glory and go to be re-elected or considered statesman.
Out of the 53 most notable in America history Ted Kennedy is the most egregious. A man who should have been convicted of manslaughter was re-elected time and again. He was given the honor of being the titular leader of the Democratic party and a monument is being erected in his honor at taxpayers' expense....GO FIGURE.....
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No way on God's green earth could we leave out President Bill Clinton and the infamous stained blue dress. Or the play with a cigar...Use your imagination..they never said if it was lit or not....He was impeached but not removed from office. All types of scandals plagued the Clintons from Whitewater to infidelity. Today he is considered a statesman and travels the world espousing his views. Talk about a bounce back...just like the energizer bunny, he and Hillary keep on ticking. Or like Teflon nothing seems to stick. WHY? At one time their prospects and political careers would have disappeared. Remember Senator Gary Hart, the rising star of the Democratic Party. Who was the front runner in 1984 to be nominated as the presidential candidate....Then the crap hit the fan...A photo appeared of him on a yacht named "Monkey Business" with a bikini clad hot looking babe on his lap..Poof Career Gone.
Now you have Barney Franks whose same sex live in was running an escort service out Barney's townhouse.. He didn't know? If you believe that one..I've got a bridge to sell you.
Why some emerge to go to bigger and better careers and some fade into the woodwork is worth exploring. And why do we care?
In doing my interviews..several people I talked with felt if a person was cheating it was between his/her God and partner. Wasn't anyone else's business.
Very few felt a person's sexual preference had very little to do with their ability to be a good employee. Isn't that what a politician is an employee of "We the People''?
The majority thought it went to character and if they didn't keep a promise to a loved one, they wouldn't keep a campaign promise.
The explanation that was best. I don't want elected officials making laws for me, when they don't/can't live within the laws we already have. I prefer they use the Constitution as it was intended to govern. Ciao...BE