Monday, September 20, 2010

Red State Gathering 2010
Erick's new book that was
featured at our break

I just returned from a Red State Gathering in Austin, Texas over 200 top new media writers from 30 states attended.
It was my first one and I had some very memorable moments. Meeting some of my favorite new media writers..
Carol "ladyimpactohio", Jenny Erikson, "Smart Girl Politics" { no relation} to Erick but I heard the hotel tried to room them together, I might add unsuccessfully. Meeting Socrates and Flagstaff. Renewing a friendship with Erik Telford, who I met at Right On conference in Pittsburgh, Pa. last year. Another highlight was meeting a young lady studying to be an attorney Amy Miller of course there was Peggy Bland, Jake Porter, Stephen Kruiser, Fred Maidment,Dan Schultz, Kevin Williams and so many smart knowledge young conservative, it does give one hope for the future of American Politics.
On our first evening Erick Erickson welcomed us with a small get together. For the newcomers to the group to meet, mingle and imbibe in a cool one.
Erick doing his a good time

From there we went to a reception at El Arroyo hosted by Governor Rick Perry. Being native Texan, I could start gushing about having the Gov. put his arm around me when had our picture taken.
Tex Gov. Perry and Barbara..
Let's just say it was a memorable moment. He did up Texas style. He was first speaker on Saturday morning.
On our way back to the hotel there was another memorable moment, this time a billboard in downtown Austin, Texas. My new friend and driver David Howe "Flagstaff" was accommodating, when I started shouting stop the car.. He drove around the block that I could get the below photo.
In Downtown Austin not to far from Restaurant Row
On Saturday we had three not one but three top speakers before lunch. Planned I'm sure to keep us awake from the night before.
Governor Perry was the first speaker on Saturday morning.
I'm going to show favoritism here, if every state had a Rick Perry, Obama theanointed one would not have gotten away with the bull shit he has been fostering on the American people. When the feds says I give you money, but your state must adhere to our whims. When it has strings that will hurt the economics of Texas, I think he very nicely refuses. What the cab driver on the way to airport told me.
He gave a dynamite speech, for me the most memorable was in the Q & A. He was asked what can we do for you? You would expect a political figure to ask for money, in this case you be wrong. His answer was go home and do whatever you can to elect good conservative Republican governors. That will help me more than anything you can do, I can't fight this administration alone.
Our next speaker was Chuck DeVore of California a favorite of the group. Chuck let us know that he may have lost his bid, however he was not going to slink away. Which was good news to all of us.
Our finale speaker before lunch was Herman Cain from Georgia what a dynamic speaker he is. Worked for Pillsbury and turned around their Papa John's pizza. Has is own radio show. Gov. Perry and Herman Cain would make a dynamo duo as Perry for President and Cain as Vice President. I bet my money and time on that team.
After lunch we had a couple of classes a panel discussion.
Speakers for the afternoon were the Honorable Nikki Haley, South Carolina. Ms. Haley wanted to speak with the Red State group so badly that she rearranged her schedule to do a turnaround do her speech and get back on the campaign trail. Quite a lady candidate.
The grand finale was dinner and a movie. The dinner was Okay but the movie, one evry one in America should see. Now, the folks from Citizens United have created another founding document of sorts. Premiering in Washington DC on Sept. 22, FIRE From THE HEARTLAND directed by Stephen Bannon, is a powerful statement about America at a crossroads and the women who have awakened to the crisis.
Of course Austin was sad to see Red State leave as we started departing on Sunday "Tears from Heaven" started pouring down on Austin. be