Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thanks to Stephen Bannon the author and director of Fire from the Heartland women will be recognized for their patriotism. The film Fire from the Heartland is about the awaking of conservative women and their influence on today's politics.
From Abigail Adams to the current conservative women they have been actively engaged in politics.
Women have long been involved in politics, in the days of ole' they whispered their advice in their husbands ear as pillow talk.
In 1920 women came out of the bedroom and drawing room, to march in the streets for the right to vote. We have been giving them hell ever since.
Women are making a difference Arizona, 1999 the top five spots were held by women.
Jeff Groscost then Speaker of the house was told he was the most powerful man in Arizona..He was pretty proud of himself, until he realized he was the only one. Brenda Burns was President of the Senate..
Governor-- Jane Hull
Secretary of State --Betsey Bayless
Attorney General--Janet Napolitano
Superintendent of Public Instruction--Lisa Graham Keegan
State Treasurer--Carol Springer
The fabulous five as they referred to was sworn in by first woman on the U.S. Supreme Court--Sandra Day O'Connor..
Across the nation more women are getting involved participating in Tea Parties, protest and throwing their hat in the ring as candidates. Go Ladies...