Friday, September 10, 2010

Muslims.... New York, London and Paris...
Let me get this straight it's acceptable for Muslims to riot in the streets around the world. Burn the American Flag or the Flag of their host country. Espouse Jihads against infidels. Shout death to Christians and Jews, burning Bibles and Torahs carry signs stating behead infidels, behead Christians and Jews, and Americans aren't to take actions that may offend the Muslim community. How long are we to be "politically correct"? Until they come to behead us? Radical Muslims offend me, they are in MY country, respect our laws, our Flag and our culture or go back to wherever.

Bizarre Mosque prayer service in the middle of an Astoria NY (Queens) street. 28th Ave and 32nd St. Obviously approved by someone at City Hall (see No Parking Signs), but not sure what was approved. Woke up to loud PA blaring Allahu Akbar! I was told this was happening throughout NY streets 9-20-09 Eid...end of Ramadan. This is a historically Orthodox Greek neighborhood, so one can imagine there were residents who were disturbed. The Mosque (aka Masjid) that organized this event is at the end of the block behind the gathering.
We’ve heard a great deal of hysteria lately about how the 71% of Americans who oppose the Ground Zero Mosque are supposedly everything from “intolerant” to “Islamophobic.”
If you want to see how militant Muslims in Paris “honor” their host culture, express “tolerance” for French non-Muslim citizens, and “respect” French rule of law, you absolutely have to check out this eye-popping CBN News story from Paris .

'Islamization' of Paris a Warning to the West
Sunday, September 05, 2010
PARIS - Friday in Paris. A hidden camera shows streets blocked by huge crowds of Muslim worshippers and enforced by a private security force.
This is all illegal in France: the public worship, the blocked streets, and the private security. But the police have been ordered not to intervene. It shows that even though some in the French government want to get tough with Muslims and ban the burqa, other parts of the French government continue to give Islam a privileged status.
An ordinary French citizen who has been watching the Islamization of Paris decided that the world needed to see what was happening to his city. He used a hidden camera to start posting videos on YouTube. His life has been threatened and so he uses the alias of "Maxime Lepante. "
Lepante's View
His camera shows that Muslims "are blocking the streets with barriers. They are praying on the ground. And the inhabitants of this district cannot leave their homes, nor go into their homes during those prayers."
"The Muslims taking over those streets do not have any authorization. They do not go to the police headquarters, so it's completely illegal," he says.
The Muslims in the street have been granted unofficial rights that no Christian group is likely to get under France's Laicite', or secularism law.By: Dale Hurd
Muslim extremists in Great Britain openly support Al Qaida and call for Jihad, as they struggle with moderate Muslims, and other Britons, to forge the image of the British Muslim community.