Sunday, September 12, 2010

Islamic Strategy - HOW TO USE AMERICA versus AMERICA
by Raghu Popla
on Tuesday, September 7, 2010
at 8:49am Facebook Friend
UK and France have recently witnessed riots and protests from the muslim immigrants who have legally entered their country. The policy is simple and well tried and successful ... as it has been in the case of India.
The ideology of Islam is to Islamise all the countries of the world.
They are attacking America now...
How they will invade America is explained as follows.
The Strategy
You may have noticed, that the media in USA is pro-Islamist these days. Any American who is vocal about his/her concerns for the well being of this great nation, is labeled as communal....and his argument is dismissed as "Islamophobia" . You will realize how they have a complete hold on the media. This is the first step.
The next step is to get into the judicial and political system of the country. While the media is used to brainwash people regarding the plight of minority Muslims, a lot of money is also spent to hire local Americans (in media and politics) who fight for the equal rights and religious rights of Muslim minorities. The local Americans are however those people who try to project the liberal side of America. The law and the political system is used to make this convenient. Amendments are made in the law of the land to legally have a representative of muslims in the country's parliament.
The next step is to use the law to declare innocent those muslims who are under suspicion of terrorist acts or have been convicted and are serving a sentence, or are under trial. The law here is again used to relieve them of sentences and they are declared innocent. In this process, people who were responsible (cops, judges, lawyers, etc) for arresting these criminals, the ones who risked their lives to book the guilty are humiliated by either being dismissed from their duty and/or they are accused of falsely implicating muslims as criminals.
At the same time, they use their influence to distort the history of the country. Claims are made that Islam became popular because it is a religion of peace. History books in schools and colleges have chapters singing praises of how Islamic rulers and clerics influenced your country in a positive manner. However, the original historical heroes of the country who contributed and built the nation are projected in poor light. This is done to humiliate the local people of everything that they have been so proud of in the history of that nation. Watchout. It won't be long before the muslims claim that America was originally an Islamic country, and people of other faiths are actually immigrants so they should either leave America or revert to Islam.
As the number of muslims grow in a country, their very next step is to present themselves as a vote bank. No politician would like to lose a large vote bank. This is how they get political backing. The muslims use this as a tool to make amendments in the law of the land once they have their representative in the parliament.
Another aspect that is really worked hard upon is the 'conversion to Islam' factor. Islam is glamorized. False propaganda is circulated where they claim that thousands and thousands of people are converting to Islam. You will hear their propaganda that Islam is spreading like wild fire and people are submitting to Islam. Actually the fact is, that after 9/11 many muslims have given up Islam and converted to other religions because they were ashamed of being muslims and following the ideology of destruction and hate (this aspect is however never highlighted by them). In USA itself there are several organizations that have ex-muslims who are educating the rest of the world about the real ideology of Islam. See Youtube. You will find several videos showing people converting to Islam, but the videos showing muslims converting to other religions are flagged and removed. Please google for these organizations that have ex-muslims. Their statements should be valid enough for anyone to wake up.
The War Today
A majority of people who are being converted into Islam these days in USA are the African-Americans....especially those from ghettos and with criminal backgrounds. This is being done on purpose. Also being targeted are the illegal mexican immigrants. islamists know the history of America and how the Africans came to USA. These people are shown "Islam as a religion of tolerance and brotherhood". They are told, "they will regain their pride and dignity if they embrace Islam. Islam will give them the equality that the white Americans always denied them and suppressed them". Using Islam as a tool, these converts are now being brainwashed into believing that they must fight the Jihad for Allah. They will use the frustrations of African Americans against the White Americans. This is how they are going to use America versus America in their Jihad!!!
This is war, my friends..........this IS "THE WAR".
Open your eyes....before it is too late.