Monday, September 27, 2010

Produced in the style of "Generation Zero" and "Fire from the Heartland", this film is the third in a series to look at America at the crossroads of one of the most consequential and dangerous times in her history. "Battle for America" will leave you energized for the seminal fight to save our beloved country.

About The Film
A call to action by Dick Morris to take back our country, "Battle for America" is a searing look at the ongoing conflict between "Constitutional Conservatives" and an out-of-touch, arrogant, and ever-expanding central government. This film stars Ann Coulter, Lou Dobbs, Fred Barnes, Arthur Brooks, Newt Gingrich, Tony Blankley, Mike Flynn, Eric Singer, U.S. Representatives Thaddeus McCotter, Sue Myrick, and Dan Lungren, and U.S. Senators Christopher Bond and Tom Coburn. This controversial documentary goes beyond today's headlines to provide a comprehensive look at how the Obama Administration and the Democratic majority in Congress have failed the American people.
"Battle for America" is a no-holds-barred examination of an Administration and Congress that set out to "transform" America but ended up reenergizing grassroots Conservatives and lighting the fuse for a populist rebellion called "The Tea Party" movement. More than an indictment against the elitist governing class, this film's inspiring message is also a call-to-action for every citizen to take back our country and return it to its core principles based upon a limited federal government.
Fire from the Heartland second in the trilogy;

 I had the pleasure and privilege of seeing this movie at the Red State Gathering 2010 in Austin, Texas.
It's inspiring for women, educational and most of all it shares with the world all that conservation have done in helping shape our nation.
The table I was sitting at during the showing had comments ranging from:
I can't believe a man wrote and directed this...
A man captured the essence of a woman's thinking...
He has told how women feel about our country....
He's shown how women have made a difference...
He's exhibited that women can be activist and retain their femininity..
He makes me proud to be a woman and a activist, new media blogger...
The comments ran the gambit, however without a doubt, they all praised the work of the author and director Stephen F. Bannon.
To listen to Mr. Bannon interview with Barbara go to be
"Generation Zero"  First in the Trilogy
Directed by Stephen F. Bannon

The current economic crisis is not a failure of capitalism, but a failure of culture. Generation Zero explores the cultural roots of the global financial meltdown - beginning with the narcissism of the 1960's, spreading like a virus through the self-indulgent 90's, and exploding across the world in the present economic cataclysm.
Generation Zero goes beneath the shallow media headlines and talking head sound bites to get to the source of today's economic nightmare. With a cutting edge style and haunting imagery, this must see documentary will change everything you thought you knew about Wall Street and Washington.
Featuring experts, authors, and pundits from across the political spectrum, Generation Zero exposes the little told story of how the mindset of the baby boomers sowed the seeds of economic disaster that will be reaped by coming generations.
Citizens United Productions has produced three feature length documentaries that show the reality of today's America.