Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Viet Nam Veteran Letter to John McCain
David, this is ComancheShaman. I have a request of you to post this appeal to the legally registered voters in the great State of Arizona. With the mid term primary election on the way and Mr. McCain seeking reelection to the Senate under the banner “character matters” I would ask them to listen to this audio open let…ter to McCain recorded on the evening of Dec 24, 2008 and be reminded of his response before they cast their ballots. Yours truly, ComancheShaman (Clark Hamblin a legally registered Arizona voter)

First I’d like to thank David for posting my appeal to the Arizona legally registered voters here and helping me remind them what Mr. “Panama’ John did in response to my request to call for conformation of the eligibility of Barack “Insane” Obama while he had the responsibility and the authority to do so. His response was SILENCE.