Friday, August 6, 2010

Vernon Parker for Congress ~ A Voters Perspective !

by: Carole Joyce
Vernon Parker is the "ONLY" Congressional choice for CD 3 ! This much I can tell you..... with so many individuals running in my district, I decided to really investigate the qualifications of each person. I wanted someone that was "down to earth", responsive to the needs of the everyday voters, someone who is active in the community and will address the serious national issues facing our country and the everyday "Kitchen table issues" that have an impact on our lives. Tell others about Vernon!
Vernon Parker has it all, and then some! I called him up, he actually drove over to my home in Central Phoenix. I was amazed at the knowledge and command of the issues this man has and the logical solutions for solving many of the problems our great country faces. Vernon is anything but a Washington bureaucrat, but he knows his way around, he knows the "cast of characters" and understands how the wasteful spending and corruption are destroying our country and "faith in elected politicians".
Parker has walked the walk, he's been there and done that! He has risen above so many of life's problems and come out a winner.... he is an inspiration for the poor & needy, he understands how people use "race" as a cop-out and has been a victim of bad government political payback. He has a profound dedication to helping the Salvation Army, Law Enforcement, our firefighters, people in homeless shelters like our Veterans, he cares deeply about the needs of Senior Citizens, and the quality of care and education children need.... You rarely see Republicans walking through Public Health Depts., Senior Centers, Veterans Homes and the likes, until election time, or campaigning in poor communities..... Vernon goes about this in a quiet, humble way as part of his daily life.
This is where you will find Vernon Parker! I am so GLAD, he is a Republican! Vernon has proven Leadership qualities as Mayor of Paradise Valley.... and don't be fooled by the address...He has a "Modest Home" that he remodeled himself! He is anything but a Washington insider... he is running to be part of the solution and restore "Trust" in our government and elected officials. Your VOTE is Critical and important... be part of the solution... He's one smart man and will be OUR voice!
Vernon has walked over 1,000 homes in my district and last Saturday another 109 Homes in 105 degree Heat! No other Candidate has been in the Central corridor of Bethany Home ! And I check with my neighbors! .........
Send Vernon Parker to Washington to help clean up this mess and Restore The America We Once Knew!