Friday, August 6, 2010

Senator McCain, please exit LEFT...

In his book Worth The Fighting For, McCain said of a dilemma he faced during his failed 2000 presidential campaign: "[I]t could come down to lying or losing. I chose lying."
The RINOHunters PAC hereby announces that the following Republican Senator, being among the Republicans least aligned with basic common sense, does not deserve further election to any office above dog catcher--and even that is debatable.
The reasons for our focus on this RINO are known far and wide, but we try to never miss an opportunity to remind our fellow common sense Americans just how bad these people are. So, just in case you'd forgotten, here's the facts:
During his long career in the Senate, John Sidney McCain has rarely passed up a chance to break rank with the conservatives and align with the furthest-left elements of the Senate, including but not limited to the left-wing Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts and the far-left Russell Feingold of Wisconsin.
Highlights of McCain's long and infamous career include the following: click on the above link to view.
J.D. Hayworth condensed bio...
J.D. Hayworth has been a radio and television personality, business management consultant, and public policy advocate. Still, most of Arizona knows Hayworth from his time spent in Congress, to which he was elected as part of the Republican Revolution in 1994. While in the House, he built a stellar record as a Consistent Conservative.

During his twelve years in the House, JD became the first Arizonan to serve on the Ways and Means Committee where he helped write the Bush Tax Cuts of 2001 and 2003. After his six terms in Congress, Citizens United named JD as its first “Ronald Reagan Fellow". Hayworth is also a “Paul Harris Fellow” of Rotary International, and an Eagle Scout.
JD graduated cum laude from North Carolina State University in 1980, with a double major in Political Science and Speech-Communication. He attended N.C. State on a football scholarship, and served as Student Body President his senior year
J.D. the consistant conservative, good for Arizona and good for America.
VOTE J.D. HAYWORTH....the Senator for Arizona