Thursday, August 5, 2010

Update Jay Leno on Bem Quayle

Quayle mailers not actually what meets the eye

On Tuesday, the Arizona Capitol Times broke news about Quayle renting a family for his mail pieces. The story is entitled: “Quayle mailers not actually what meets the eye.” When pressed for an answer about the children, Quayle spokesman Damon Moley said “the campaign is trying to present Quayle as a family man.” Moley responded, “I think you guys have got a lot of time on your hands.”
The story has now gone national. Today The Washington Post linked to the Capital Times story. Meanwhile, a highly read and influential Republican blog,, wrote an article titled "Ben Quayle Not the Right Choice For GOP in AZ CD3", the reporter lays out a basic skeleton of who Ben Quayle really is.
"Ben is a 33 year-old attorney who has a resume like most every person who went to good schools and has less than 10 years of working experience: he could be a future star, or he could be a lightweight. But his career to date has been undistinguished (and even nonexistent with respect to public policy and politics) save for who his father is. Ben recently planted himself back in Arizona (the NY Times reports he has never voted in a local election in the state) and was virtually unknown in the states GOP circles."

Ben Quayle "BABY BIRD" is the least qualified candidate to fill the shoes of retiring Congressman John Shadegg. Purported to have had five jobs in six years, three of those years in the "Quayle Family Business.
If money, spin and glitz can elect an empty suit legacy candidate Baby Bird is a fly in to congress. Lord help Arizona if that happens, this baby bird is an easterner. BE