Tuesday, August 17, 2010

QUAYLE, aka Brock Landers

American Freedom with Nohl Rosen a voter and business owner of Panther Tek
N.R."Quayle's been advertising a lot lately. His latest ad has his serious face talking about how Obama is a rotten President. Moak seems happy annoying us with those automated calls telling us to vote for him. "
American Freedom: Easy for Moak he owns call centers, you know those callers who annoy you at dinner time trying to sell you what you don't need. Usually in dialect of English you can't understand.
N.R. "From what I've been reading and hearing from others is that Quayle is trying to buy the election. Despite the money he's raised he obviously sees Vernon Parker as a threat to his winning the Republican primary. Parker is experienced and knows the issues CD3 faces. He also didn't move into the district suddenly just to run for Congress either."
American Freedom: Partially correct.. Moak is the one trying to buy the election. He has infused $592,550.00 of own money into campaign according to Federal Election Commission. Moak is buying air time like a drunk on a binge. Quayle at last report had infused $6,000.0..
N.R.As a business leader in CD3 I endorsed Parker because of his experience
his stand on some of the issues (like illegal immigration), and because he supports small businesses. He also has no problems calling things like he sees it. He also doesn't tell you what you what you want to hear in order to gain your vote. We need a solid representative in Congress and I believe Parker is the best choice.