Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Posted on Politico Mafioso apparently a blog lead by the "McCain Mafia" according to the logo.
The current article on Politico Mafioso praising McCain says "two prominent Arizona Tea Party leaders, Jennifer Campbell and Russ Clark, have endorsed Senator McCain for re-election. Campbell is a board member of the Yavapai Tea Party, which has thousands of members, and is one of the largest and most influential Tea Party organizations in the state. Clark is a co-founder of the Colorado River Tea Party, and is a conservative radio show host on KBLU in Yuma."
The Tea Parties that endorsed John McCain added a lot of spin to their announcement according to a quote I received from the leader of the North Phoenix Tea Party "The two tea parties mentions are hardly significant ones. You had better check your facts as Yavapai does not have "thousands"...no Arizona Tea Party have numbers like that and the other one does not exist at all. Please print a retraction and while you are about it, yesterday a large number of Tea Party Leaders...these are the real deal...got together at a joint news conference to endorse J.D. Hayworth who is the "Real" Tea Party Candidate for the U.S. Senate and collectively they do represent "Thousands"! Most are from the Valley of the Sun but they also represented Tea Parties across the State...not just two minor ones noted in your article. Now, pray tell, why did you not print this news?"
I knew McCain used his senatorial position as a bully pulpit but, when you have your own mafia it's easier to print misleading information. be