Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Michelle Malkin reaffirmed her endorsement of J.D. Hayworth on the Mike Broomhead on KFYI-550 on July 30, 2010."She also reminded Arizonans of John McCain’s record and his history of fighting with conservatives."
Of course these festivities couldn't go without a McCain supporter showing up dressed as a pig, it only reminded those in attendance that "John McCain" voted YES on the bailout bill that included $ 150 Billion Dollars in PORK. It also reminded the crowd of how at the first debate McCain desperately defended his flip-flops and record of voting YES for the $750 billion dollar TARP bailouts which included $150 billion in pork, co-sponsored amnesty with Ted Kennedy and cap and trade legislation with Joe Lieberman, and voting against tax cuts twice. Hayworth can easily prove that he is much more conservative than McCain on the very things McCain has been aggressively attacking him on - pork and earmarks. BE
Arizona's state Tea Party Patriots coordinator, Pam Stevenson stated, "There is no question of J.D.'s conservative values. The American Conservative Union gave him a life-time rating of 97.6%." In part, the Groups' joint endorsement reads: • There is only one U.S. Senate candidate in Arizona who has put his promises in writing, when he signed the Contract from America. • There is only one U.S. Senate candidate in Arizona who has repeatedly told us to 'vote him out' if he has not kept his promises. • There is only one U.S. Senate candidate in Arizona who has already given us solid evidence that he will not support amnesty policies, and will make border security and enforcement of illegal immigration laws his first priority. Proof of his promise is in the fact that he led the fight against the McCain-Feingold amnesty bill in 2002. • There is only one U.S. Senate candidate in Arizona who has already given us solid evidence of his fiscal conservative values when he helped author the Bush tax cuts in 2001 which his opponent opposed. •Although other Arizona U.S. Senate candidates have sought our support and endorsements, we collectively have chosen the only candidate who has proven leadership ability, and the resilience to overcome obstacles to be our voice in Washington, D.C. "This Senate candidate is Mr. John D. Hayworth." "We, as conservative leaders and individuals in Arizona, representing thousands of members in our groups, are looking forward to supporting Mr. Hayworth's campaign in the general election," stated Annette McHugh, leader of the Tea Party Patriots of Glendale, AZ, and member of the Arizona Tea Party Network which has over 4,000 members across Arizona. The coalition formed just over a week ago for the express purpose of endorsing Mr. Hayworth. Here are the national and statewide Tea Party organizations that are endorsing Mr. Hayworth: 1.Tax Day Tea Party/Patriot Caucus 2.Tea Party Immigration Coalition (preferred candidate) 3.AZ2010 Project 4.Cactus Conservative Club 5.Cave Creek Patriots 6.Daisy Mountain Tea Party 7.Douglas Tea Party 8.East Valley Tea Party 9.Mesa Red Mountain Tea Party (preferred candidate) 10.Mohave County Tea Party Patriots 11.Mountain View Tea Party 12.Original North Phoenix Tea Party 13.Prescott Tea Party 14.Sun City West Tea Party 15.Tea Party Patriots of Glendale, AZ 16.Tea Party Patriots of Scottsdale
Tea Parties Endorse JD Hayworth and Hayworth Signs 'Contract With Arizona' from JD Hayworth for U.S. Senate on Vimeo.