Monday, August 30, 2010

McCain Disputes Brewer's Claim That Most Illegal Immigrants Smuggling Drugs. Bad Move.... John!

LaRaza Mexican Advocacy
Published June 27, 2010
Arizona Sen. John McCain said Sunday that he does not agree with his governor's controversial statement that most illegal immigrants are being used to transport drugs across the border.
Asked in an interview whether he agrees that most illegal immigrants are "drug mules," the Republican senator said: "No."
However, McCain said Gov. Jan Brewer is still doing a "good job" for her state and is on the right track when she warns about the influence of the drug cartels in the border region.
Perhaps Mr. McCain should have read the article regarding the new data base that I.C.E. is using
To ID migrant felons. It’s all there in the Arizona Republic Friday June 25th.
From late October 2008 through early May about 240,000 have been identified through this database according to Richard Rocha, ICE deputy press secretary. Of the criminals identified by the database, almost 31,000 have been deported or removed from the United States.
*Of those already removed 8,584 were convicted of Level-1 crimes, which include murder, kidnapping, sexual assault, robbery, hit-and-run auto accidents and terrorist threats.
*17,113 were convicted of level-2 crimes, which include arson, burglary, money laundering, vehicle theft and embezzlement.
*5,149 were convicted of level-3 crimes, which include immigration violations, extortion, property damage, gambling, bribery, and violation of election laws.
Tell us John, what crime level, you think, human and drug smuggling falls into.