Sunday, August 1, 2010

DEAKIN; Arizona Senate Candidate IN FORECLOSURE
Will Deakin finally have to drop out of Senate race?

How will he control government spending when he can't control his own?
U.S. Senate candidate Jimmie Lee Deakin, Jr. has more to worry about than siphoning enough votes from conservative U.S. Senate candidate J. D. Hayworth to return John McCain to the halls of power he so covets.
It seems Jimmie Lee is facing foreclosure, with his home just noticed - July 29 - for a trustee sale.*
During the debates, Deakin made much of the issue of congressional overspending. But how does he intend to effectively rein in government spending when he's unable to control his own? This news puts a definite damper on Deakin's credibility.
Deakin claims he is a successful businessman, continually reminding audiences of his business acumen in making payroll - even stating that he's had to make tough decisions that included laying off his own family members when the need arose. He has used the words "I'm squeaky clean," as he compared himself to others.
Now with the need to replace his current living arrangements, his campaign beneficiary John McCain should be able to provide some relief. After all, McCain has so many homes, he was unable to give an accurate accounting when asked during his failed 2008 presidential campaign. Jimmie and Adonia should be able to count on the generosity of friends.
* Documentation regarding the trustee sale can be found on the pages of the law firm, Tiffany & Bosco:
10/28/2010 10-19983 6/25/2007 Chase Home Finance LLC (OH) $376,000.00 Trustee Sale 10:00 AM 1734 East Pontiac Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85024, 1574728768 Deakin Jr. 10:00 A.M. at the office of Michael A. Bosco, Jr., 7720 North 16th Street, Suite 300, in the City of Phoenix, County of Maricopa, State of Arizona, Maricopa