Sunday, August 8, 2010

BYE!!! BYE!!! John McCain...Amnesty
Tea Party Activists Try to Reach Voters From the Sky

PHOENIX - Arizona's immigration law, SB 1070, remains a hot topic - especially with illegal immigration busts happening on a regular basis.
On Wednesday, there were two pushes to rally protesters of the law.
Volunteers and Tea Party activists are trying to reach primary and early ballot voters.
Lee Earle, with the Arizona 2010 Project and Tea Party Movement talked to FOX 10 about how the issue is being tackled from the air and along valley freeways.
The last part of the video contains footage of SB1070 protesters walking around on and defacing an American flag. One woman confronted them back with a Mexican flag, which she threw on the ground and stomped on.

If anyone has any doubts about what these illegals think of us and our country, check out these pictures taken by an acquaintance of mine who went to the rally in Phoenix Saturday 7/31/10 in response to SB 1070. The illegals had written all over the AZ and US Flags, laid them on the ground, and were walking on them!

Notice the toilet paper in this one

An acquaintance had this to say:
"I shared those pics with my Best friend who is a cop/detective. I asked him why nobody was punished for desecrating our flags...his response.....
In response to your question about the legality of Desecration of the American Flag, you are correct, this is illegal. However, it is a crime with the Federal Government. Meaning the Feds will have to prosecute for the crime and considering they will not prosecute for illegal trespassing into the Country, what makes you think they will prosecute anyone for spray painting and walking on an American flag?????"
US Senator John McCain is the top GOP advocate for Obama's Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty legislation that would turn over 12 million illegal aliens into US citizens and voters thus destroying any future peaceful political hopes for border or immigration enforcement.

Luckily for Arizonans and all Americans, McCain's future plans can be stopped, if enough people will vote for JD Hayworth in the August 24 GOP Primary in Arizona.
Some people may not want to believe this about John McCain because he has proven to be a skillful liar, a master at deceit, and one of the dirtiest campaigners I've ever witnessed in my career in politics. McCain is everything that voters claim they dislike and he has spent millions of dollars trying to smear JD Hayworth, while marketing himself falsely as an opponent to Obama on immigration issues and a champion of border security.
During the 2008 GOP Presidential primaries, we thought that John McCain could not win because of his advocacy for Amnesty for illegal aliens in 2006 and 2007. Surely, no member of the Republican party could win a primary after being in every newspaper and on every TV in America with their arms around liberal Senators Ted Kennedy and Harry Reid pushing for an Amnesty that is opposed by 2 out of 3 Americans and well over 80% of Republican voters!
Boy were we wrong. We underestimated McCain's abilities to deceive backed by amnesty supporting media outlets and million dollar PR campaigns using TV, Radio, direct mail, and phone banks. We overestimated the memories of GOP voters and what information those voters were making their decision on. We also underestimated the political theater games that went on with other GOP candidates playing the "I'm the toughest on illegal immigration" game to split GOP voters several ways.