Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ben Quayle "Without a Name" update......
The column on Ben Quayle "WITHOUT A NAME!!!!!" garnered some interesting comments. The good, bad and nasty are all posted. But for those who do not read the comments I thought you may find them of interest. be

1. You must not Twitter. Quayle and his team of real "boys", not men, have been calling Parker a "boy" for a long time now.
It's Quayle that can't take criticism. It's only when he's exposed for being a fake that he stops sending his staff to do his dirty work and starts going after Parker himself. Unfortunately, he's not good at it and obviously has a temper and let the "boy" comment come out of his own mouth.
Well, now we'll see what Quayle's made of. Is he man enough to understand that you don't call a man with 3 times the experience, old enough to be his father and who has earned the respect of the country, a "boy" - especially if the term is loaded? Or is Quayle a spoiled, arrogant rich kid who doesn't have the sense or maturity to be in Congress? Is Quayle too young and too stupid to know that if he were a Congressman and he made that comment he would embarrass the entire Republican Party?
He doesn't know what he's doing. Ben needs to grow up. Some people at age 33 are mature enough to do this, Quayle is proving that in his case, he's not.
2. Quayle didn't call Parker a boy, he called him a poster boy. The Coalition of Minority Employees at the USDA couldn't say enough bad things about Parker:
3. Vernon Parker is the person with verifiable experience, has a proven record of service to the country and Arizonans. If, as Anonymous purports, the Coalition of Minority Employees were of the stripe of Sharon Sherrod, with the aura of entitlement mantled upon their shoulders, of course they would resent Vernon's individual initiative, and meritocracy attitude. I remember being appointed the youngest District Manager in the history of Dun & Bradstreet back in the mid 70's, and there was a lot of resentment among my peers - black as well as white - upon my promotion... Oh well, envy is part of the human condition, and cream will rise to the top despite political correctness wishing otherwise.
So Ben Quayle spent two years with a NYC law firm, he says as he slurs through the name. With the reticence must be a negative connotation, given the hesitancy to mention it in the first place, I'ma thinkin'...We already have an amateur and dilettante running the White House, why would Arizonans seriously want another one in the Halls of Congress? Congressional responsibility, service and experience should not be an on-the-job training exercise. Elect a proven leader who serves the public, not his purse and out-of-state cronies and Daddy's special interests...Jist sayin'... a Texican for Parker
4. Daddy Quayle must've been working hard on covering his son's bee-hind on that one.......hmmm, working for a law firm would be a bit impressive to put on a Linkin profile, doncha think? His attitude is "oops, just didn't have the time to add it in".......YEAH RIGHT!!!!! If you could access his tax records for those years, I'd be curious to find out if he just blatantly lied in this video.......
5. In your next article on Ben Quayle, would you please add for me, that the statement on his website and his mailers that he and Tiffany "rescued" their puppy from the Wickenburg Humane Society is ridiculous. One does not "rescue" a dog from the Humane Society. They do not kill puppies at the HS. They are trying to sound magnanimous, but they are too stupid to understand. One "rescues" an older dog from the pound, or from a place where death is a possibility. You do not "rescue" a puppy.