Saturday, July 10, 2010

"VIGILANTE (h/t John) the
Undocumented Peace Officer"
Strings of murder and attacks continue along the Arizona border, most are blamed on the infighting of the drug cartels. However now comes to light that law enforcement is speculating that it could be Americans taking actions against our county being invaded. Since the White House and the media want to be politically correct  "whatever in the hell that is" and insist on calling an illegal alien an undocumented immigrant. I am going to insist that the term vigilante be replaced with a politically correct description as an "undocumented peace officer" or for short "UNDPO."
America has lost its way since the founding of this nation. We were entrusted with preserving the Constitution and we are doing a piss poor job of the most important charge of government. Protect America from all enemies foreign and domestic. At one time my thoughts were that Barrack Obama the Obama team and George Soros were the biggest enemies America has. I have come to the conclusion its "We the People", we vote for politician based on glitz the spin that high paid media consultants do polling on to determine the best way to market a candidate to get the most votes. The people must start drawing their own conclusions about the substance of a candidate's character and not be led down the garden path by the pied pipers of sound bytes and spin. The stewardship of America should be one of the most important questions asked of a candidate. The founding father pledged their lives, their fortunes and their scared honor to establish a country free from tyranny. "We the People" are throwing away our Freedom and Liberty with both hands as fast as we can by not insisting that the government protect our borders from foreign invasion. be