Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Arizona Guardian poll just came out that has Vernon Parker within striking
distance of the former Vice President's son, Ben Quayle. How can striking distance be good news? He doesn't have a famous last name and the former Vice President isn't out raising
money or campaigning for him., and the Quayle campaign has spent, over $1 million to elect Dan Quayle's son to Congress. $1 million and he is barely winning.
This means your hard work is paying off. It also means that you want a true conservative to represent you in congress. if Vernon has the resources to get our message out, we will win on Election Day!
That is why I am contacting you today, I am maxed out, I can't do anymore, so I'm asking you to help Vernon Parker be the next congressman for Arizona.
At midnight today, a new FEC reporting period will begin. Before the next reporting period comes to a close, I ask that you make a special donation of $250, $150, $100 or any amount you can afford through his campaign Web site - Vernon doesn't have the former Vice President out raising money from AIG, banks that have received bailout funds, special interest groups, unions, Washington, D.C. in crowd, but Vernon does have you. As the poll results below show, it is not going to matter how much Ben Quayle's family raises and spends for him. This Congressional Seat is one that cannot be bought conservative values and accomplishments will win at the ballot box.
Barbara L. Espinosa