Sunday, July 11, 2010

Senator McCain admitted to the Arizona Daily Star editorial board on April 1st that in losing the presidential election, he lost the battle for protecting Arizonans and the American people starting at the U.S.-Mexican border.
In an interview published today, the Star questioned John McCain on his plan to secure the border. McCain's response was, "If I were President, I would have come forward with a proposal. And people keep coming to me and saying 'what's your proposal?' And I say, 'look, I lost the election.'"
McCain has criticized Congress for failing to secure the border which prompted the Star to ask the senator, "What have you done to secure the border?"
McCain's response? "Not enough."
A majority of Arizonians and Americans feel exactly the same way. After 28 years in Washington as a Senator McCain had the power to introduce bills, that could bring solutions to the problem and during that time one and only thing John McCain has not waffled on was AMESTY.
In the 28 years John McCain was not powerless to secure the border he was unwilling.