Monday, July 26, 2010

PEEP'S about Ben "BABY BIRD" Quayle

MONEY $$$ MONEY $$$$$ MONEY $$$$$

A reader sent me the above mailer in regard to Ben Quayle with the statement....Boy that candidate Paulina really did a hit piece on Quayle the youngster. I've dubbed Baby Bird.
Don't see how you can call this a "Hit Piece" it's all true. A lot of people vote based on name recognition, His father was Vice President and received untold publicity for not spelling potato correctly.....therefore he has more instant name recognition than other candidates.
With his father's connections he has raised over a $$ MILLION $$ to churn out all the spin the big boys from high priced public relations firms and consultants can dream up. Spinning at top speed why a 33 year old with hardly any work experience outside "The Quayle Family".... only bought a home in the district in Dec. 09.... hasn't voted in an local election... should be a congressman for Arizona.

Naw.. she didn't do a hit piece, pointed out why a vote for Baby Bird would be a legacy for vote for Quayle the elder. FYI All of these are public service announcements to keep you the voter informed.